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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My neck.. my back...

Yesterday I could move my head, I felt better.. Today is the worst pain in history. After a sleepless night with a neck screaming out pain, I am finally going to the doctors office. 11.30, cant wait !!!!
Okei.. back from doctors office. Sad and signed sickk for two weeks. What a bad timing!! With sales at work. alot to do, birhtday coming up.. oh well.. so this is what the doctors thinks I might suffer from

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Disc Prolapse

Patients with a cervical disc prolapse will experience severe pain, which can be present in the neck, shoulder and down the arm. This pain will be exacerbated by neck movements and even by coughing or sneezing. The pain is often so severe it will stop the person from sleeping.
Im going for a Xray soon, so lets not hope its that. Untill then - cross your fingers please!!

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The New Yorker said...

Sv; Buksen er fra Cubus faktisk! Tusen takk! :)