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Friday, March 30, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

My lifestory

One of the downsides of being famous, the media just wants a bit of u all the time!



Happy reunion with Guro after 6 months

Se på de da, i India dem..

A true lovestory from Goa

GOA – A break from India.

A place where backpackers put their dirty feet in the sand and flush away the impressions from a chaotic and hectic North India.

A place where people go to clean their head, to find themselves or to get a detox from reality.

A place where stories are written and where dreams come true.

Welcome to Goa – Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is a beach that stretches between Patnem & Agonda beach in South India. With exotic flavors and a spiritual surroundings people are drawn there for chillout, yoga and fun.

Its vivid & alive in the daytime. Indians are nearly drowning in the water due to all the clothes their wearing. It’s a funny contrast to our little group of north Europeans lying half naked further up on the beach, shitscared to come home pale.

People are walking up and down the beach day and night. They carry such interesting stories, that you can see letters fall in the sand as they pass you. I was privileged to meet new friends from all over the world whom all inspired me in different ways. One of the most romantic and breathtaking stories must be how my dear friend, the rebel and uncensored sikh, Amerjit Singh met his wife, the spiritual and beautiful Colombian girl Catalina Lopez.

Three years ago Bobby was hanging out with his friends in one of the beach bars at Palolem beach called CUBA. Just when his friends was about to leave Bobby spotted an interesting and quite exotic girl at the other side of the bar. He walked over in his shorts, let his long uncut hair play in the wind and did a dramatic entrance. With his charming smile & cheesy lines he caught Catalinas attention at once. Catalina was backpacking and practicing yoga around India and had now come to Palolem to chill out for a while. Why not have a chat with a interesting Punjabi? After a few lines exchanged Bobby looked at Catalina and said “what if I asked you to marry me right now?” Catalina laughed and said “go ahead”.

A summer romance evolved to real love and big sacrifices were done. Catalina moved from Colombia to Birmingham and today her new name is Satraj Kaur. She is baptized and married with the lovely Punjabi man Amerjit Singh. When I met them again in Palolem, catalina was open and happy to tell me more about Sikhism which is the youngest religion in the world. It is a very warm and welcoming religion but it also requires a more strict way of living. Here are the five sacred sikh symbols that a sikh should follow, love and worship.

  1. The hair – God gave it to you for a reason, the reason is unknown but you should not met with Gods word
  2. Bracelet – Its like a marriage ring/commitment to God, but at the same time reminds you not to do bad.
  3. Underwear – Unsexy and tight up in a certain knot, this knot is a symbol that the only one that should unlock this is yourself or your loved one
  4. Knife – This so that you are always prepared to serve right
  5. Comb – It´s necessary to keep the hair clean and tidy. A Sikh must comb his hair twice a day and tie his turban neatly.

Not wearing sexy underwear or shaving the legs has ofcourse been challenging for Catalina, but she strongly believes in the five K’s, and as the wife of one of the “ambassadors” of Sikhism she will always be looked at as sexy, attractive, feminine and cute.

Bobby and Cat are now expecting their first child, let’s hope the little wonder gets the heart of his parents and sees the world as they do.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Work & Play

Busy busy days. For those of you having problems following my everyday life I will give you a quick update now.
As I speak Im sitting in Kødbyen in Copenhagen finishing my last work before heading back to Norway for the weekend. Sunday evening im flying to Argentina to work as a contestant manager for Wipeout Winter 2011. Im lucky to work with a amazing team & I have a feeling that this is going to be the trip of the year.

2011 has been a boundbreaking year for this princess. It started in India. Firework, beach, hippies and chillout with the worlds best Guro Elisabeth Fagerli.
It continued with some challening but amazing months in our houseboat in Oslo.

As May came and the birds started singing I did a big change of carrier thanks to my best friend and angel, Espen Hilton. I started in Endemol Norway working with the bigbrother casting.

Check out the homepage and see our amazing contestants in the house. A great season with tears, fun, frustration, sex & alcohol. Just how we like it.

It continued with a lot of traveling around Norway & Sweden.

And now here I am - in Denmark going to Argentina.

Any tips of places to go in Buenos Aires? Restaurants, clubs, sights ? Hit me :)

Have a great november month peeps. See you all after 11th of December. And guess what , im starting off my year again in India. Care to join?



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you remember it G ??

Five months ago I was standing in the corner of a huge flowerfield, it was flashing lights, cocktails and loud fantastic bollywood music surrounding me. In the middle of nowhere in India I entered 2011 with my very best G. We knew that it would an amazing start to a new boundbreaking year.

As sitting on the beach in Goa a few days after we discussed how we felt that this year would lead to something new and different, and it sure did. Its not very often we have deep conversations together, but the atmosphere made us talk about alot of different things.haha..

Come on guys.. I know it looks like a tacky postcard but its not! Its where we sat.. haha.. I promise! G took this picture :) Such a good photographer..
We are still the same chics we were five months ago, but two chics heading seperate but fantastic directions. One month is left on the ocean, untill we take off our safetyvests and move to the city again. I just wanna spread the love and respect to the world, that I own for Guro. She is such a tough girl and has taken a huge step the last months, desiding to quit her job to move and study in CAMBODIA!!! Only G can do that. Eco-tourism is entering Europe on fast-tracks and G will be one of the first to learn and know about it. Fantastic! Are you opening a hotel in Greece soon?

So to sum up 2011

How cool is this guys head?? He is a POLICE in Palolem Beach. hahaha.. Got to love India:)
SO FAR, boatlife, change of jobs, change of life and now more 6 exciting months to come. What more does 2011 has to offer? lets wait and see..

Happy weekend loved ones, I know mine will be


Friday, May 13, 2011

Change of life

Hey guys!! Its been a long long time. Change of lifestyle, change of life <3 I got a new job, tv production baby! No more sparetime, work is everything from now on! Big kiss to all of u. Reporting live from a fantastic 13 hour day at work, and guess what - im going out! Life is fantastic, im not even tired :)

Soon 17th of may.. Let the summer begin

Reporting live from work, after 13 hours :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Yoga

Try doing yoga on the waves! NOT that easy but fun though! Nice sunday activity :) Enjoy the lovely spring days guys. Summer is just a little sunshine away.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Around the fjords

Its april and the sun is shining in my face. Sva magazine & a cup of hotchocolate at the table, computer in my lap and wind blowing in my hair. On deck.. The place you will find me for the next two months. Its crazy how time has passed so fast. It feels like yesterday we moved in. The struggle with cold and a month with no water makes it all worth it when I get days like this. Weekend of, waiting for my friends to come over for lunch. Fugazzi is the place to be tonight. The Juicy boys are rocking the top floor while Dj cake is filling the rooom with his circus techno vibes. I have a feeling this might be an amazing day. Pictures from last sunday. We gathered some friends and took a little ride around the fjords while chillin on deck. Nothing like a hangover sunday at home. Happy weekend guys! Xx Mia

Friday, April 01, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its not the time that matters, its a matter of time

Well back from London. With hard days at the gym, stressful days at work and daydreams about Barcelona & sunny beaches I am getting back to my old self again. I think the last time I slept 5 hours in 3 days was when I went on a girlstrip to Turkey when I was 18. You might say GROW UP!! Well I say, ROCK ON!!

Great weekend with amazing people. A house packed with boys, drinks and champagne and.. guess what.. ME !! I was the lucky chosen girl to be part of a boys night. It went amazingly well, thanks to Hilton I think we discussed more fashion and Paris Hilton than what I do in girlsparty.

So as we speak about drama I might aswell continue on the same path. Am I too much to handle you think? Why is it so intiminating with focused,funny, smart and perfect women like me?! I dont get it..

Its not a matter of time, its the time that matters. Espen Hiltons new song release. To be found in Arena VIP, Barcelona performed live 18th of July. On my birthday. His album is called Espen Hilton. Check out more of his funstuff here

Thank you and good night

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toiletpaper and destiny

You know you are single when the first thing you see when you wake up from a bad night sleep, is the toiletpaper roll right next to. Good morning sweetheart can u FUCK OFF?? What happened to the big strong arms holding me tight, a soft strong voice whisper in my ear, "dont worry sweetheart, you will recover today and be ready for a hell of a party with your friends in London tomorrow" .. WAKE UP!!!

Anyways, so I had a discussion with myself and the patient (Miss G) a few days ago. Do you belive in destiny?? Guys, to many things have happened the last weeks for me NOT to belive in destiny. Ill give u a short brief of what was a lifesavior out of the blue!

MOnday morning, 9 oclock. I standing at work pushing myself to the maximum to get through the day. The sweat is dripping from my whiteblue face and I know I should be home in bed. Its a hectic week and I cant allow myself to be sick. The only thing that would make me leave is if my boss told me to leave. A few hours passes and my boss comes over "Mia, go home recover, get better and come back" .. Puhhh thank god, thought I was gonna die if I had to complete the days. Before leaving work I call G. She is home with bad aches in her stomach.

As I enter the door to the boat I just hear gasps and screams from the lower section. I rush down and find poor G sitting on all four in bed gasping for air. The pain is unbearable and I have never seen a person suffer as much as this. After a little while she crawls up the stairway and limps her way out of the boat. Hospital next.

It turns out her gallblatter exploded and they had to do a rush surgery. Things turned out okey but the doctors stated that they dont know how it could have gone if she came in later.. = If I had pushed myself through the day at work (which was the plan) she would have lied at home with a open blatter not being able to do anything. THe pain was so strong she couldnt even call me at work.

That is why, ladies and gents, that I truly belive that destiny plays a part in our lifes. But when it comes to G and I, I think we transmitt messages to eachouther without even knowing. hehe.. Long live BFF`s

G and I camping summer 2010

LONDON HERE I COME!!! 24 hour countdown. Better get rid of this cold!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hiltonized in London!

Shit wheres my bag?? London in two days.. Im in bed with high fever and a cold from hell! Ok I will recover, cause I have to.. No discussion please :) This has been a hectic week with me being more sick than ever and G got hospitalised. To give you the short story her gallblatter exploded and I have never seen someone with so much pain.. but she is recovering well from the surgery and I want to tell the world how proud I am of her and how positive she is.

Next chapter of the week. LONDON!
With Espen Hilton, read his hysterical funny blog here :)
We are celebrating my favorite Indian man in the world. Mr Yamit Chauhan.

Miss Jacobsen will be lucky to hang out with 10 indians and one crazy norwegian for a whole weekend. Let me tell you a little secret, when Mr Hilton and Miss Jacobsen go abroad things tend to get dirty!! To be continued...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strong opinions to be 16 years old..

As light turns to dark, i can’t help what wonder

What is it inside of me that cause all this thunder

As dark turns to light, my tears turn to smile

But why can’t I settle, I don’t want to act like a child

As this boy calls me to ask me out, I put on my shell and hide all my doubt

The pride I feel when he is not there, drifts away when I see him and give me despair

Why is it that a person judge after colour

Why can’t they be happy and show some respect – I just can’t help but wonder

Happiness is the feeling you get when hundreds of butterflies plays in your body

Happiness is the smile on your face, when you laugh even though you are lonely

As the world keeps changing, why cant our minds? Why can’t we grow up in these revolutionary times?

Let black and white be the most sparkling colour

Let the body be kingdom and let no passion suffer

Thursday, March 10, 2011