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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birmingham / London

Indian home made breakfast, empty apartment party, nice restaurant visit, crazy dancing and high class economy travelling. Bobby and Jas welcomed us into a 2 day reality show of "We <3 our life in Birmingham" We met family, friends, forreigners, lazy sandwich makers, angry bouncers, horny bouncers, beautiful eyes and funloving people. Birmingham is such a lovely city.. My recomendation is Indi bar, Afterparty in the streets of Birmingham and a big bottle of water the day after..

London.. Crazy London... Carravan camping, chaos and a big bottle of champagne, some freestyle breakdance at Leicester square, a duet with James Morrison and a Xtra large English breakfast the day after.. Oh.. and do I need to mention Top Shop and Urban outfitters? Photos of my excellent purchase will be uploaded later

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