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Monday, December 13, 2010

No babies.. No Weddings..

Still just a ordinary birthdayparty. Well ordinary might be the wrong word to use. Extraordinary when it comes to my group of friends. We are all happy, all single, we all enjoy life like there`s no tomorrow. And our biggest duties on sundays are to clean up yesterdays party, be hangover together in our pyjamas and laugh about yesterdays event. Still no babies, still no weddings... Pure fun with the besties!

Our december girl was the one and only Guro Elisabeth Fagerli. A blossoming flower whom Im very lucky to spend every day with.. in the boat, on the phone, at the parties and even on skype allthough we live together. She turned the nice age of 27, and ofcourse we had to rock the night away in honor to her.

Thanks for a lovely night guys.. some great memories, somethings we just want to forget, and some flashbacks that we just put in the secret box. But all in all a great party with a great group of friends for life.

X Mia

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