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Monday, September 13, 2010

Dead Norwegians at Kate Nash

How would you describe a typpical Norwegian? Ill help you get started..
3.Weekend alcoholics
4.Dont talk to you when sober.. when drunk they`ll be happy to do u!
Ahh.. It makes me sick. G and I went to a concert yesterday. The dead Norwegians were standing straight up, faced towards the stage, hands in their pockets and SILENCEEEE.. not even as much as a cheer for poor Kate Nash!! She even said it " I couldve whispered here".. Time passed by and my second drink finished. I raised my hand and screamed out.. WOOOHOOOO.. I mean, IT WAS A CONCERT FOR GODS SAKE!!! What happened?; a guy turned around "can u shut the fuck up". hahahaha.. G and I were in complete shock. We went to the back of the place, listened to one more song and left. Thats it.. We are moving to another place where people inspire & suprising things happens everyday. But where? Suggestions?

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