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Monday, June 15, 2009

The SIKHest weekend ever

Som sagt.. Sporadisk uploads in denne perioden. Denne gangen skriver jeg på engelsk da jeg vet jeg vil ha flere engelske lesere på dette "innlegget mitt"

My best friend and right hand, Guro Elisabeth has been travelling in Asia for three months. I missed her a lot, but I knew she would come home with a whole bag full og stories and great memories, so that made the time apart worth it. What I didnt know is that she would meet two amazing persons that would change our mind on friendship, culture and openess for ever. She met the male version of Missy M and Lil G`s friendsip. Bobby and Jas..

They met in Goa under a wild party night. Bobby approached Lil G with his big turban and long beard, and the first thing Guro thought was WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. It turned out to be a forever lasting friendship between two persons with complete different backgrounds and cultural values.

So at the end the guys finally came to Oslo for a long-weekend visit. It was a unforgetable party weekend where the laughter just wouldnt come to an end. I am so happy that my mum always told me to be openminded and approach every person on my way with an open eye. This has given me sooo many friendships along the way with people from all over the world. I only met Bobby and Jas for 3 days and I can already say that it feels like I known them for years. You have to look for a long time to find two guys that are so funny, crazy, outspoken and GREAT as the two of them. On behalf of Lil G, Mr Hilton and Missy M we welcome you to the happy clapper family!!

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