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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In my california king bed

Another wavy night at the harbor. Lying in my bed enjoying the lullaby-motions that are about to put me to sleep. Do you have any idea how good it feels? and how good you sleep? Its a harmonic feeling that you have to try atleast once in your life. Not my bed though. haha. After a good and actually inspirational day I can atleast say that I had way to much carrot,chips and dip. Girlstalk & catchup made us completely forget the communication between the head and the greedy hands.

Why was it inspirational? Ive spoken to 3 persons that just got promoted in their job today. Its so nice when you see they get payed for their super hard work. Everything is possible as long as you work hard for it and ofcourse smile while doing it. So Ive come to understand that I will make it out there in the big world. Watch out guys.. I will take u with a storm!! Im ready to explore, attack and embrase! 2011 is gonna be a fantastic and boundbreaking year. I CAN FEEL IT!!
Night night & see you in dreamsland

Xxx Mia

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