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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Realitycheck !!

Weekendbreak.. holliday.. nothing better!..
Meeting new fantastic people, someone that inspires u, someone that makes u think differently about things or somebody that just give a u everlasting laugh.. Ive met those special someones, and getting back to reality is hard..

U see.. back home its G and I that really share a 100 % the same humor, the same thoughts and the same wishes, but over there in the other world we met 20 persons that were just like us. So when u come home from a trip like that, its kindof hard to find the inspiration u need to be satisfied.. dont u think?

Have u just dealt with the fact that u live a NORMAL everyday life when u want more excitement? Or are u living in one city when u actually want to live in another? Or did u just do it?? If u did.. please tell me how :)

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