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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Barcelona memories

Two years has past so fast.. 3 jobs, plenty of new friends, plenty of old friends has moved, 20 pair of new shoes, a whole new wardrobe, X country visited.. but it took incredible 2 years to finally meet up with all my fantastic Barcelona familymembers.
Thursday night, one week ago.. Wine, gossip and endless catchup.

We live in the same city...but yet.. 2 years. It made me think about how selfish we all are with our time. Busy here, busy there.. Its hard to belive I`ve been that busy to prioritise qualitytime with good old Bcn-family for the last 24 months. This will change my friends.. The truth is; I work 8 hours a day and go home or to the gym.. Atleast that what I used to do. From now on - PURE CATCHING UP WITH EVERYBODY worth catching up with. Just give me time,place and date.. Ill be there

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