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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last night as a student

Well ladies and gents.. This is the last night you will hear from me as Mia Jacobsen, student in Fashion marketing & communication. Tomorrow a new era begins, I will enter the world as a graduate student, and face the business with a big smile, and shaky legs.

There is no way back now.. In less than 24 hours Im presenting my last presentation.. Im leaving my baby behind that I have worked, raised and carried for 6 months - I guess there is nothing else to do, but to raise our glasses, empty the champagne bottles and smile.

Dear class of 2008 - we made it, and we sure as hell made it with style!!!!

1 comment:

Ingibjorg said...

We sure did - The Best Fashion Marketing Class ever!!!

Mia I miss you baby...and of course everyone else in our class; )

Abrazos y besitos grandes a todos